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To Colorado and Back

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”the Dalai Lama.

This Memorial Day, my friends and I took heed of this advice and decided to road-trip through the heart of Texas into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. To be honest, this is neither mine nor my friends’ first time in Colorado; three years back I had visited these very friends who since then have had all left Denver for the greener (or rather concrete) pastures of Houston after school. However, to fully justify the quote above, this trip was a first in many things.

Over the course of four days, we sat through an agonizingly boring trip through the barren landscape of Texas, discovered a steak-heaven in Amarillo (This place aptly named the Big Texan also offers a free behemoth 72 oz. steak to anyone who can finish it in an hour), passed numerous biker gangs (probably headed towards a secret biker gang conclave) in New Mexico; nearly froze to death while camping amidst snowy Rockies at the Rio Grande National Forest, enjoyed some downtime in the hot pools of the Mt. Princeton Hot springs resort. We also were witnesses to one of the most poorly kept surprise proposal of the year, where my friend got down on his knees to ask his lady-love to marry him on top of the historic “M” on Mt. Zion overlooking the city of Golden. The poor guy had planned this for several weeks; but after a friend nearly spilled the beans in front of his now fiance, he did manage to pull off the impossible in the midst of hailstorms, intermittent bursts of sunlight and thunderstorms.

Like I said earlier, this trip was a first in many things – getting better at guessing both fictional (mine) and non-fictional (theirs) personalities via the Twenty Questions included.  Also, someone can actually claim that he has been on a road-trip lasting more than 5 hours! Till next time Colorado and hopefully Mother Nature will be more merciful on us newbie Texans!



















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