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Yes, I did mention in my post, ‘Gilli- the less explored Islands’ about Scuba Diving being an exhilarating experience and it indeed is. The mere fact that you can be under water, breathing and enjoying the sneak peak into the underwater life is too exciting for me.

Gilli Islands have around 25 diving spots and each one of them is quite a popular choice for beginners as well as experienced divers. It is rightly called the ‘turtle capital of the world‘ with a guarantee to see some really big ones hidden under the rocks and corals.These islands are located in the Indo-Pacific and are part of the Coral Triangle meaning we enjoy the largest variety of marine life on the planet and are still one of the cheapest places in the world to learn how to dive. (@Source: Wikipedia).

The photos below are from our 1st dive, The Turtle Bay. Underwater photography is not our forte, so one of  us just kept the video running and these are the screenshots from the video. I had  my one hand tightly pressing the goggles to my face to ensure no drop of water even seeps through; I dint want a panic attack under water. The other hand was used to firmly hold  my instructor’s pinky finger. I can’t swim and I was not ready to get lost under water just yet.

Now when I do think about it, there was nothing to be scared of! It is impossible to drown when you are already under water and you have a solid 1 hour of oxygen in your tank! But I realized one cannot think logically under water.



Corals under water

Corals under water


Unfortunately, as you see in the pictures above, most of the corals are dead. Some of the areas during my dive were just lifeless and grey. There are many reasons contributing to this especially ocean acidification and beginner divers.  Its hard to control your movements under water and most of the divers tend to touch and push the corals when they are under water thus destroying them. I am guilty for even pushing the people under me with my fins!




Hiding Turtle!



Keeping this in mind, Gilli Islands have set up a couple of funds for maintaining nature’s beauty. There is also a diver’s association in the islands which does its bit in keeping the corals alive.  There are numerous diving centers that can help you identify the right diving spots and teach you the right way to enjoy the beauty underneath.

I have said this too many times in my earlier posts that nature intimidates me and this was one such experience. To see the variety of fishes, the corals, the clear blue water and the beautiful beaches shows you there is so much to think and value in this world.

Moral of the story: Do not get sucked into corporate life. Kindly enjoy this earth.

P.S: I am happy to help the readers with more details if needed on recommended diving spots, diving instructor, islands etc. Do contact me and I can whip up an itinerary for you as well!

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