Travel Contests- We believe in them!

We won our very first travel contest last week! Though I still don’t know what the actual gift is, the feeling that our blog won something gives us great, immense, indescribable and an incredible feeling! The post ‘Smell of the first rain in Goa’ inspired ‘Godrej’ to come up with a new car fragrance and I am already taking full credit for all the sales and profit they might have with this new product (i.e. if they even come up with it).

I want each and everyone to enjoy the happiness we got last week and let us not sit around ignoring these contests by being pessimistic. These do work and there are some winners whom I personally know (that proves there is no scam)!

Some pointers:

1. All you have to do is be creative and answer the question by being in the other shoes. Think about why have they put up this contest and what do they gain from it. A little creative juice and you may stand a good chance to win it.

2. Keep a look out for all the Facebook pages for airlines. They are the ones with the frequent competitions and gives away free air tickets as well.

3. Follow the Pinterest page for Travel Contests. They have some excellent contests both national as well as International. I follow ‘Travel Contest‘ on Pinterest as she puts up some really cool contests in there.

I will definitely keep you posted on any good travel contests that may be coming up. Request the readers also to feel free and post up links of some competitions they may find interesting as well.

Good luck to you and to us!

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