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Top 5 destinations we want to go back!

Between the four of us, we have traveled to quite a lot of places. We share photos, experiences and sit and talk about how jealous we are of each other.Without fail, after every trip, we plan on going back again sometime, but together. Damn the problems of wanderlust – there are so many beautiful places  to see and experience and not enough time!

We often might not agree on which places to see, but all of us do agree on the fact that it is just never possible to see and appreciate any place entirely with just one visit. 

As we discover more places, our list of  places to return to is also forever increasing; but time and again , the following places (not in any particular order) do manage to crawl up our list and make us feel the pangs of wanderlust even more .

1. GOA

When you think of Goa, white sand beaches, full moon trance parties and crowded beaches come in to the mind. But, nobody talks about monsoon in Goa. But get there in this off-season and you get to see a different side of the place – the simplicity, the roaring waves in the empty beaches and the smell of salty water all around you. The mud and the trees gives  Goa a really exhilarating monsoon smell. You see the people going about their normal life in the rain with a great smile on their face. I hope to be back to this place not once, but for every monsoon if possible.



I am positive Santorini, Greece will make it to everyone’s top five destination list. This place is extremely romantic. Even though our trip to Santorini included four girls ,we had the most relaxing 3 days there. Watching the sun set over the horizon at Oia is like watching a picture perfect painting where the sun sets between two mountains with the ocean right beneath it with a couple of boats thrown in.

The iconic blue roofs, terrace swimming pools and cave rooms are to be experienced and every good review about these places are written by happy, satisfied travelers, I am sure 🙂




As much as I love Goa during monsoons, I loved the Gili Islands during  this summer. The ocean is an amazing shade of blue and the sand is white. Most of the restaurants are beach facing and I can definitely get used to having a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner with a view. If you do get tired of the quiet and calm air, you can probably head down to the harbor for a night out. This island has everything to offer except for ATMs perhaps.

These islands are an excellent spot for scuba diving and some of the photos taken underneath the water is breathtaking! I would love to go there once again just to kick back and relax.




Call us crazy, but we want to go back there for one and only reason! to pose up a storm on the Preikestolen aka the Pulpit Rock ! Even Ragnar Lothbrok ponders over his future on top of this rock. One of us, Nandhini, visited Norway recently and took some amazing photos (even with a iPhone) leaving the rest of us open mouthed.  We looked at the photos again and again, listening to her worst possible description about the place.

We simply want to go back there to go up and feel the wind on our face! If you need more inspiration, head over to this guy’s portfolio or twitter.

photo 1

photo 3_Fotor


Wanna go on an epic journey to the Misty Mountains but don’t have the time or money to hop over to New Zealand, then we would suggest heading over to the Rockies in Colorado! Equally breathtaking with a plethora of stuff to do, be it hiking, tubing, or getting high legally in the Mile High city; if you let your imagination run (on weed or not) you may accidentally bump into a hobbit even. Though the weather can be a bit unpredictable (think skiing in May),this is one place in the US that i can return to see a new part every time.



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15 thoughts on “Top 5 destinations we want to go back!

  1. Great places on your list! I would like to revisit Goa for sure for different atmosphere 🙂 Santorini looks very lovely, Norway and Colorado are simply stunning with their nature..ooh Gili..I miss the white beach and turtles there 😉
    Thank you so much for nominating me 🙂 I wrote a post already for similar challenge 😉 Thank you again and have a great day! Great post!!

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  3. Happy to see a list of unique and varied places from around the world. And even gladder to see that the GIli islands and Colorado made it to your top 5. I’m always travelling back to these places in my mind.

  4. I haven’t been to any one of these places except the Gili (but which Gili was that? cos gili actually means island). and I’m excited about going to Greece (most likely will include Santorini as well) this coming May! yeah. Any recommended activity in Santorini?

    • The best thing to do in Santorini is to just relax, sip some wine and enjoy the view 🙂 There are a few touristy things to do, like see a volcano, swim in hot springs. But I would highly recommend simply just roam around in Oia, walk (probably) the 1000 steps to Amoudi bay, enjoy the sunset in Oia. Its a very small island, you can go from one end to another in like an hour by car.

  5. We visited the Gili Islands last year and would definitely return. We stayed on Gili Meno and it was so incredibly relaxing and peaceful.

    We are thinking about spending Christmas in Goa and Kerela this year but aren’t sure if we want to be there during peak season! Looks stunning though!

    • Oh i agree! the Gili islands indeed are relaxing! Goa & Kerala in December will indeed be peak season and prices might shoot up. Your adventure seems exciting!
      Let me know if you need any help to plan both Kerala & Goa as I am from Kerala and Goa is my 2nd home:)

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