Ecuador- In our bucket list!

Since my boyfriend is planning a trip to Ecuador very soon and am currently working on a project based there,I thought to take a look at what this country has to offer and came across this blog post by Dario Endara! Boy, this country is beautiful! One can simply relax here and ponder over life; if you are smart enough maybe you can also come up with your own Theory of Evolution while swimming along turtles in the waters of the Galapagos Islands al’a Darwin. Nature seekers can hike up the Andes to discover heritage cities and active volcanoes and body surf on the amazing waves on the Pacific coast. Then there is the vast Amazon to explore and get lost in. Those concerned with safety need not worry, Ecuador has the reputation of being one of the safest countries south of the equator! Needless to say, but I am definitely including this in my bucket list for places to see in the coming year. Am even tempted to emotionally blackmail my boyfriend so that he lets me crash his boys only trip!

Jokes aside, take a look at the link above and the pictures below to see more of this amazing country and am sure most of you will enjoy the pictures. If you are from Ecuador, please do leave suggestions in the comments. My boyfriend and his friends would be more than happy to get suggestions for their upcoming trip.

Ecuador 7

Ecuador 4

Ecuador 2


Ecaudor 1


Ecuador 9



I also have to give thanks to ‘Nomadicmatt‘ and ‘TravelChica‘ for their wonderful blogs on Ecuador. Some people just do an excellent job in inspiring other people to travel and these are just some of them. If my plans to crash my boyfriend’s trip doesn’t work, then I have to work on influencing the girls; shouldn’t be a daunting task as I plan to just show them these pictures!

*Ecuador tourism is doing some really good work to promote visitors and their website has a very interactive and highly inspiring collection of itineraries and photos.

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