Sukhothai- A Thai destination

Its been nearly one month back at work now but my  mind still keeps drifting to these images from Thailand on New Years.

As we landed at this ancient Thai town, our eyes could not believe the first sight of this hidden gem. I was told that this was the place that most Thai people would prefer for their vacation and not the globally popular Thai destinations. And boy, I was not disappointed! Sukhothai probably has the tiniest and the cutest airport in the world! From the personal baggage delivery to a mini zoo within the airport perimeter, it has a certain je ne sais quoi that will inspire you to go the “Eat, Pray, Love” way with your life!

Sukuthai Thailand

A must to do while here would include renting bikes to visit the ancient Buddhist Wats at the Sukhothai Historical park. If you are more adventurous and fit, you can even bike to and fro to the New Sukhothai town (30 kms) or the nearby Ramkhamhaeng National park and discover many more hidden Wats on the way.


We stayed in Old Sukhothai for three nights, which has very good places to eat and drink (one tip though – never order an espresso coffee if you are a coffee addict, our hostess once tried to pass off very bad French press coffee as Cappuccino!). Their coffee might be bad but the street food is at another level of awesomeness – we probably had the best Pad Thai in a tiny coffeehouse named very originally “The Coffeehouse” ! This is a quiet town, but most places surprisingly do (or did) remain open late and we could just relax after a day of sightseeing with some good food and drinks.We were told that the new town had a better nightlife but the one night that we did venture out there, we found most places already with their shutters down by early evening!

As we decided to sleep in late (which pissed off Nandhini big time ) on our second day, we missed a chance to see the Sri Satchanalai Historical park and national park, which happens to be two hours away! But its apparently a must do if you are in the area. We instead decided to hop on a Tuk Tuk and go hiking in the nearby Ramkhamhaeng National Park. Whoever made the distance markers was either very high or just simply bad at math, cause due to the confusing markers, what we thought was to be 4 kms to the summit of the Khao Luang mountain turned out to be a  steep 10 km hike to an eerie looking Banyan tree, where we eventually gave up our pursuit. Apparently you can camp under the stars near the summit, a fact we were unaware of due to a Lost in Translation moment! We also failed to see the two waterfalls in the park.

Like I mentioned earlier, on the whole Sukhothai is a offbeat choice for a vacation, but for once you can unwind from your virtual social life and you enjoy the simpler things that life has to offer!

P.S : Try to avoid arranging for a car or other means of transport at the airport, they have atrociously high rates! In our opinion, its always better to call up your hotel and inquire about it.


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Photos by Roomi (last pic courtesy – google)

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