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This post has been conceptualizing in our mind for way to long but we jumped into action as we saw the delicious ‘Nasi Goreng’ here. Somehow we girls always manage to come back from our trips with an extra couple of pounds both in our suitcase as well as our hips. For days later we text message each other to rant and rave about what we miss from the previous week and almost always its the food  that scores more than the views and the hotel stays. So here goes our top three, maybe four? Damn, so here goes our top five list of our great table adventure that we had all over the world. The rest of the mouth watering delicacies are fondly remembered. 1. Street food at Khao San Road, Bangkok: Without doubt, this ranks first. Maybe because it reminds me of home with the use of coconut milk? Oh talking about coconut, we love the coconut ice creams squished in buns. Too many times we have walked around the streets in the hot summer with the ice cream dipping over.

Coconut icecream Thailand

Crunchy insects food Thailand

Crunchy insects

The noodles served on the street at Khao San road along with the crunchy insects is just as yummy.
Thailand food

2. Chicken Satay and peanut Sauce in Bali: Second in my list is mostly peanut sauce with almost anything especially the chicken satay. Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng are not just regular fried rice and noodles there. With the perfect dish served up with a sunny side up on top, the dish oozes out great taste. Its a very comforting acknowledgement in my mouth. I doubt if this would come up as a top five dish in Master Chef but if definitely comes up in our top five! Especially yummy in Bali is the simple and humble fried banana with chocolate sauce.

chicken satay

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3. Our Texas meat: One word – Brisket! Specially the ones with burned edges – meat that simply melts in your mouth! Texas may be devoid of much natural beauty but it makes up for it with the variety of BBQ that it offers. But despair not vegans and vegetarians alike, BBQ joints also coincidentally have some of the best vegetarian beans.

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Source here

4. French Croissants: Oh! We have had croissants as it is a part of almost every buffet breakfast menu but we have never had anything like this. Soft, buttery, flaky piece of heaven just melting in your point. At one point in France, I had a couple of croissants in my bag and a couple in my hand and all I could think about while walking along the Seine was to eat the ones in my bag before it gets too cold. Sigh. Chocolate, plain, butter you name it and we have add it all in those five days in Paris.


5. Hot Momos in Dharamsala: Dharamsala is our favorite destination as well. I think it is the presence of Dalai Lama that makes this place so calm and serene. As you trek up to Triund, the various tea shops in between serve nothing but Maggi, chai and momos. These three items can be found in any nook and corner in India but somehow tastes the best up there in the cold. Piping hot momos warms up your entire body in an instant and is also responsible for making a 3 hours trek to 5 hours.


Each place we go to as their own taste and culture. Trust us when we say food is major in our agenda. We scout for restaurants one can’t miss, places where you enjoy the true local taste and our shopping sometimes also include several ingredients which we never find in our country! God bless the souls who feed us during our journeys.

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