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Often while browsing the travel blogosphere, we come across many posts like ‘Why I quit my corporate job to travel’ and ‘Why I said no to my dream job to see the world’ etc. To be honest, when we started this blog, we did not even think once about quitting our jobs! We do love traveling, we want to see the world – but we are ok with doing this one vacation at a time.

 Quitting our jobs would mean giving up on a lot of things in life! Call us narcissistic, but we are the kind who like to have a few nice things in our wardrobe and go on a shopping spree once in a while. We love to have our family and friends around, never miss special occasions and to come back to a place called Home. Besides, we believe that having a regular job broadens the horizons for us – we have never had to say no to charming and luxurious experiences because of funds (or lack thereof); but yeah it’s a different ballgame – if it’s a job that you loathe.

In this post, we discuss how we keep our travel bug satisfied from time to time, while juggling our corporate jobs.

1. Get your priorities right:

Always have a clear set of priorities – if travel is your #1 priority, but you don’t want your work life to suffer, plan ahead carefully! There may be some crazy weeks at work, try to anticipate these and needless to say, avoid scheduling your vacation around that. Besides, it’s never fun if you are running around in a foreign land to find a decent wi-fi connection to submit your latest report, is it? If it can’t be avoided, have a plan B ready – build a good relationship with your teammates so that they can handle the responsibility when you are away. Always leave behind a contact number for those rare times when the world at your workplace simply cannot rotate without your input!

2. Get a handle on play and work time:

There is nothing more awesome than a job that requires you to travel and we are lucky to have one. Most of our happy and funny travel anecdotes are a part of our Out-of-Office shenanigans. This requires learning how to manage your work life and then use the weekends and evenings effectively to get a taste of the place. An added advantage could be your local colleague; build a rapport with her/him and you will discover some of the local treasures you won’t even find in the Lonely Planet guidebooks.

3. Look out for long weekends:

One major reason that people don’t travel is because of lack of time! But if you are smart about utilizing public holidays in your country, time will never be your excuse! After all, who can ever say no to paid leaves. Travelling doesn’t mean you have to go to the other end of the globe, try weekend getaways to nearby towns and parks, go on a road trip. You will be surprised by the beauty in your own backyard. If you do not do it, then probably you will regret it when you discover these hidden treasures online from a blogger from across the world.

4. Know your options and be inspired always:

Since the four of us are located in two different ends of the world with conflicting schedules, one thing that keeps us focussed is the amount of researching and planning that goes in to making a trip happen. We are constantly in search of inspiration and cheap deals for our common bucket list. We look out for festivals in other countries and offseason timelines. We keep sharing and reading travel posts. What keeps us going during the 9-5 work hours is our sneaky chats with each other and that open tab of travel guides.

5. Learn to communicate well:

Before you embark on your epic adventure, it’s always a good idea to discuss your plans well in advance to your manager and your team. This will ensure that work does not suffer and deadlines are met in spite of you being thousand miles away. Besides, nobody wants to get disturbed while discovering a new place.

After blogging for around 9 months, thankfully we came across many such travel enthusiasts who keep their day job and still inspire the world to travel and experience meaningful things.

So what is your opinion? Can we be travelers while keeping a full-time job?

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14 thoughts on “Keep your job and travel the world

  1. Love this post, it’s definitely all about balance. I just took up a small writing job and am now getting ready to break it to them that I’ll be gone for two and a half weeks next month. I certainly believe that maintaining a life at home while continuing to travel as much as possible is a great way to keep a good perspective of both. Great read!

  2. It is good that some people are able to stop work and travel full time. I believe that such people have some business acumen and can make money on their own. I am not blessed in that area so I will keep my job, thank you very much :), and travel when I am on leave. I have very generous leave benefits so I can always make time.

  3. Great read and a refreshing perspective!

    And I don’t think that you are not narcissistic for wanting those things in your life. You work hard for your money and should spend it any which way you like to. Part-time travelling is something I’ve been doing the last few years and it’s taken me to some amazing places, as I’m sure it has for you girls too.

    Balance is key and as long as you’re inspired (and happy), keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂

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  5. Wonderful blog and great mindset !!! Nothing in life is more satisfactory than living a life of your desire and if you have friends and mates who resonate with similar tunes, life is good. I think having the goal is important, coz there are different ways to get there and you have found yours 🙂 Happy exploring !!!

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