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Being awesome always comes with a price – in some cases it may include your refined poise and/or etiquette! Our travel stories are never complete without the many gaffes or les faux pas that seem to follow us wherever we go.Not all travels are picture perfect with the Instagram worthy sunsets pics, in fact sillier the incidents, the more memorable the trips are! These are the moments that will make you roll off your chair with laughter even ten years down the lane. Here are some of our not so finest “uh-oh” moments that have made some of our trips legendary!

That one time when we tried to save money while crossing an ocean!

You go to an ATM , put in your card, get the money and forget to take the card back. That happens sometimes, but we managed to achieve the feat twice in two days and went broke in Indonesia. Towards the end of our Indonesian trip, we barely had pennies left to get across the ocean from the Gili Islands to Lombok. So, naturally we chose the cheapest boat and settled in.Unfortunately, the boat broke down in the middle of the ocean and started swinging heavily from one side to another ! All sorts of thoughts poured into my head at that moment ranging from calling my mom for one last time to looking for a life jacket.

People were all scared around us, some even started praying! With every swelling wave, more and more water came in through the ‘closed’ windows! The people who chose cheaper tickets were up on the top deck tightly holding on to the railings and at times we could hear yells and screams (of enjoying themselves or shitting their pants, we wouldn’t know, though we are leaning towards the later). Since there was nothing we could do then, we decided to just close our eyes and sit tight lest we fall prey to motion sickness. What seemed like a whole generation passed before the crew started up one of the motors and slowly took us towards the coast.

Sunrise on top of the volcano!

Sunrise on top of the volcano in Indonesia!

Important lesson learnt: When it comes to crossing oceans/continents, be safe and put in that extra money to make sure you reach home safely!

Do not trust Google Maps always (especially in India)!

On our way to a fabulous weekend at the Corbett National Park, we sat back to relax after looking at the somewhat easy route that Google Maps handed to us. With every turn as per the navigator’s voice, we remember sharing looks with each other as the roads just didn’t seem right!

We ended up lost, deep inside some of the villages and at one point, we were even driving in between mustard seed plantations! It took us another 4 hours to come to the conclusion that the ‘shorter routes’ as per Google included somehow making a car float across a river, driving between plantation fields, and trespassing shady areas!

To figure out the way back was an even bigger task as we had completely lost patience by then! What was supposed to be a 6 hour ride took us 14 hours, all thanks to Google Maps! In India, on a road trip , just go by word-of-mouth directions, period.

That one time when I took a shit for too long at the airport

Yes, I do this at the airport when I feel like it, so do not judge me please. During my trip to Sri Lanka, I decided to go ahead and spend some time at the loo before picking up my bag. I hate waiting for my luggage at the baggage claim and so, I thought this little stop of mine was convenient! After all – lol

It so happened, that I took a little extra time and by the time I came back, all the baggage had been picked up, including mine! Some man actually took my heavy, huge, bright green bag and didn’t even have the courtesy to return it! Since this was not lost by the airline, I did not even get compensated for the same. The only document that helped me that night was my insurance that I surprisingly happened to have a copy of.

Since then, I have learnt to keep my cool and wait at the baggage claim for my bag, however long it takes! Most of the time, I travel light and refuse to check in my bag until I have put up a good fight with the airline staff convincing them that the person who checked in before me had a bigger hand baggage than mine!

Once bitten twice shy goes the saying – but do we listen!

Just because we thought we rode bikes as pros in high school, we decided to go sight-seeing in Crete on scooters. Little did we know about our capability to not know when to slow down in traffic! This resulted in a tumble in the middle of one of the most busiest street in Crete. A few curious (and angry) looks from passersby and minor scratches, we thought we had got a hang of it! But, how wrong were we – we took another tumble a few minutes later and decided to let go our scooter racing careers! Here are two of us smiling in all our glory (this was obviously before the fall!)


The sunset that played hard to catch

On our Greece trip, we rented a car to catch the sunset at the Temple of Poseidon. Having a vague idea about the temple being on a hill-top in Sunio and a physical map (with no clue how to read one), we thought we were good to go! After a few hours driving cluelessly all around the narrow streets of Plaka, we finally stopped to ask for directions. The kind stranger gave us the most priceless reaction when we mentioned Sunio – seems like we were not only lost but were in fact going in the opposite direction! The man did give us some solid directions and we made it just in time for the following view :


Takeaway : Again good old word of mouth directions!

We have so much more to share and we are sure most of you will also have some crazy stories to tell us about your travels like Bilbo Baggins. Please share your travel gaffes on the comments section with your link or a quick recap! We would like to laugh at you! oops, we mean with you 😛

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