Yeh Hain Bombay Meri Jaan !

“Bombay vs Delhi” – which city is better!  In spite of being a part of countless such heated discussions on this topic, I could never make up my mind.  But that changed during my last visit to Mumbai when my heart tilted towards this dreamy city once and for all , read on to know why.

1. Murud beach and a dreamy night: Imagine landing straight in the middle of a Pinterest worthy set-up with fairy lights; stars above your head and sand under your feet? Been there, done that!

dreamy night in mumbai

Image by Chasing Sunsets team

The usual travel and other slightly small logistical concerns aside, this evening was closest to a real life dream. What elevated the mood of this amazing evening organized by the Blueberry Trails was the music by a hidden gem of a band, curiously named ‘Spud in the box’.

Spud in the Box

2. Queen’s necklace: The Marine Drive coastline gets this name as the street lights adorning the road makes it look like a string of pearls from a bird’s-eye view.  Monikers aside , more importantly Mumbai’s coastline gives it a unique charm. It provides its residents a great escape from the chaos within and a chance to recharge batteries near the calming waters. From “Ghoda Gaadi” riding to sipping some tea to eating Bhel Puri at Chowpatty Beach, there is much to do along this coastline.

Source: google images

Source: google images

With the Sea Link now in place, the view of Mumbai’s sky line is developing into something spectacular.  Every time I pass through this architectural feat , I witness a fast growing and developing city. One that could soon claim to be one of the best in the world !

3.Awesome taxi drivers: What gives Bombay the edge over Delhi is the people who reside here, specially the ubiquitous taxi drivers As soon as we landed, we were in for a very pleasant ride on an Ola mini.  Somehow along the way during a discussion about the background opera song in the latest Avengers movie, our driver decided to pitch in, we were after all in the heart of Bollywood! He went on about how he just managed to get tickets for a late night show and how the Maximoff twins in the movie were given a Maarwadi accent in the Hindi dubbed version , which to no surprise ,the audience found hilarious. Also what the audience found even more hilarious was the use of the word “Pungi” by the superheroes !  All this led to a repeat watch of Avengers in Hindi -which was a total laugh riot.


Image courtesy Tumblr

4. Taj Mahal Hotel- Celebrity spotting: By far one of the favorite pastime amongst tourists and locals alike, spotting a celebrity here is like getting your morning caffeine fix! There were plenty others who like us ordered a 500 rupee cappuccino, slowly sipping on it till dawn waiting to get a sight of their favorite stars. However, we had to satisfy ourselves with a glimpse of Isa Guha returning from a IPL match.  Maybe if we waited longer, we would have been able to spot a few Rajasthan Royals players in the lobby.

Source: google images

Source: google images

Celeb-spotting aside, the hotel in itself is majestic, standing by the Gateway of India and providing a picturesque landscape, that you can never be tired of its beauty.

5. Home delivery of fine dining cuisine: You have all heard about the dabbawallas. But, even in your wildest dreams you would have never heard of fine dining and home delivery in the same breath ! I am pretty sure it’s quite unheard of in my current home base of Delhi! Guess ordering some ‘white wine steamed mussels’ or ‘caramelized Canadian scallops’ as a takeaway! This would invite a patronizing look from everyone in any other place but not here! Courtesy of TheobromaIndigoSocial Offline and La Folie, we got what our stomachs craved for both at the restaurant and at home.

For these reasons and many others, Bombay will forever remain “Meri Jaan

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