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The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Thank you Annemarie for the love showered on us:) We love these digital feathers on our cap and are happy to show this off:)

How does this work: (what I learnt from Atlas Heart)

The Sisterhood is a way to show appreciation of other female travel bloggers, and to connect and discover some awesome new voices in the travel blogosphere. If you’re nominated, after thanking your fellow blogger, you answer the questions they present to you. You then have the chance to nominate up to 10 other blogs and ask 10 of your own questions!

The world wants to know this about us!

1. If you could only revisit one place you have been to, which one would it be and why?

Aww! I hope this choice is never given to anyone ever! But if we really have to choose, I mean REALLY have to choose, then here goes – Kerala, India.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

This place is close to my heart. The monsoons and the backwater trips into the lush green streams ate into my soul!

2.  What was the first thing that triggered your travel bug?

See this picture right here? This is what triggered our travel bug. As we sat there at the Temple of Poseidon in Athens, Greece, watching the sunset, something in our soul stirred and we just wanted to chase sunsets ever since!

Temple of Poseidon- Athens- When it all started!

Temple of Poseidon- Athens- When it all started!

3. Could you imagine yourself travelling for years in a row?

Well, to be very honest, we don’t think so! After we got into the travel blogging space, we struggled a little to understand the kind of travelers we are. It took a while to come to a conclusion that we are neither the luxury nomads, nor the ones who can backpack and go location independent.

We love nice things in our life and sometimes, like the rest, we simply just want to climb on our own bed. We love our family and friends and want to be home during the weekends to share our stories with them! We want to broaden our mind and soul while experiencing what the world has to offer, one at a time.

4. Cruise, hike, road trip or plane flight?

Favorite question! We LOVE hikes and road trips. Plenty of time to enjoy the awesomeness nature has to offer and the set of pictures below is our logical explanation!

Mother Nature!

Mother Nature!

Trekking on top of mountains!

Trekking on top of mountains!


Trkked high and low through Sikkim.

Trekked high and low through Sikkim.

5. What is the biggest challenge you faced during your travels?

Personally, I am not a social bee who can just go ahead and mingle with strangers. This definitely hampers my travel style. A personal challenge during my travels and each solo trip of mine is helping me get over it!

6.  What is the one travel goal you would like to achieve but are afraid of?

Ahem! A full-fledged travel blog and to start-up an inspirational something for all the travel enthusiasts. The idea is to touch people’s life through travel, even the ones looking for the final push, sitting in the couch going through the social feeds. It is always tough to get what you want but we are on our way:)

7. If you could give one piece of advice to those thinking of starting a blog, what would it be?

Go ahead and start! Think – What is the worse that could happen? Start penning down things, it’s always an inspiration for others as well as for yourself!

8. Do you prefer to make fixed plans or travel spontaneously?

I would like to think our travel ideas are practical. We do have our plans and itinerary but that is always in the draft. If we find something extraordinary anywhere during our time there, we are OK to change the plan. How else will one experience the place?

9. What is it that drives our generation to prolonged travel? Do you think we are running away from something?

Heavy! But no, we are not running away from anything. I think we are just a group of people who wants to do things that we like, when we can, and not just keep it as a bucket list.

Annemarie, I want your response to this:)

10.  Which continent has provided the most excitement for you so far?

So far, it has been Asia. Bangkok remains my favorite city and India my favorite country. Going to Africa next and hoping that place can just blow my mind away:)

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Looking forward to reading all your blogs!

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  1. Dear Team of 4 girls
    Hi this is me Revathi complementing your spirit of adventure .I simply adored the blog you all have written about chasing sunsets all over the world. The way the blog promises to appreciate female travellers and offers latest ways of travel around the world is amazing.

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