My Summer Garden Salad Recipe!

Since summer is in full swing, all three of us are currently in the middle of our annual healthy eating mode where all things green and organic are welcome.

Our escapades to the different parts of the world have opened up our taste buds to some very interesting combinations and some very weird tastes as well. Watching Masterchef Australia has kicked our creative butt and so here we are sharing our favorite summer garden salad recipe with you.

Summer Garden Salad

This is my easiest on-the-go salad where all it takes is a quick boil and a stir and voila, ready to be hogged! Pine nuts for crunch and feta cheese for the freshness works the magic.  This also tastes great as a quick salad before a hearty meal as well.

Serves: 1 / Preparation Time: 10 minutes


Salad Veggies: iceberg Lettuce/ 1 Carrot/ Chilled olives

Dressing: Basil leaves (bunch) / Roasted Pine nuts (handful) / Parmesan (20 gms) /Olive Oil to taste

Garnish: Lemon juice (1/2 lemon) / Feta cheese/ Micro-greens for the Masterchef oomph.


1. Boil any kind of pasta you want in hot water for 5-7 minutes with a little salt. I prefer the Del Monte pasta as it comes out neither sticky nor too slippery and cooks fast and for people like us who looks for easy cooking, nothing can come better than this!

2. While your pasta is boiling, go ahead and cut the salad vegetables. Cut the Iceberg Lettuce and carrots to small bite’able’ size.

Tip: I sometimes boil the carrots and then roast them slightly to give it a nice crunch.

3. Combine the basil leaves, roasted pine nuts and Parmesan in a food processor till coarsely ground. Add olive oil to it to make the pesto.

Tip: I normally make Pesto in a bigger quantity and store it in the fridge.

4. By now, the pasta should be ready. Mix your pasta and pesto sauce. Go ahead and take a small and easy cup, put in the vegetables and then the pasta. I like my pasta nice and warm. If you want yours to be a cold salad, then go ahead with that too! Tastes just as yummy!

5. Garnish with lemon juice and feta cheese to make it summer fresh!:) And also a little left over pine nuts for that extra crunch!

As we said, for the extra oomph, a few micro greens can be added if you are serving this for a party!


Go ahead and give it a try. Let me know how can we make this better!

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