Mauritius- through the eyes of a solo traveller

Truth to be told, Mauritius has never been on my mind for a solo trip! For me, I have always believed it to be place for honeymooners, which is kind of true. It, probably, is the quintessential destination for couples, both in therapy and otherwise. A chance daylong layover here on my way to South Africa, opened my eyes to its potential for a whole new experience! The whole island is, for the lack of a better description, what I would call a view straight out of a post card.

Taking great advantage of the visa on arrival for Indians, I was determined to make the most of my time there. My Airbnb host, Nicole went out of her way to welcome me, even driving me around the whole island to see all the places I had previously mentioned to her. Her house was scenically located under the hills with a great view.


Here, is a look at how I spent a glorious 24 hours in Mauritius! You are most welcome to share your story, tips and, recommendations in the comments section.

The easiest way to explore the island is, of course, by renting a car. The road signs are informative and the routes, in themselves, are extremely beautiful with sweeping views of mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. Nicole and I drove around quite a bit to just relax and enjoy the views.

On our mini road trip through the island, we came across plenty of local artisans making some serious art. We stopped at one such place to see them in action. What an amazing experience that was! I will always cherish receiving the souvenir from the hands of the local who made it. (All this took place within my first hour in Mauritius!)


During my very short stint, I had the experience to visit the Caudan Waterfront. I absolutely loved this place at Port Louis. I had an amazing evening walk browsing the various boutique shops and souvenir markets. The Port Louis Craft Market was the highlight of my evening, where I got to see the different artisans in their element. This place also boasts of a lot of local foods to taste and Alouda- my host’s favorite drink, which is a must try!


The touristy hot spot – Chamarel Colored Earths was next up on my list. The sand dunes here are of seven different colors and at first it seemed like the light was playing tricks onmy eyes, but on closer observation, I was able to distinguish the different hues! Nature is indeed different and eccentrically beautiful in its own ways.


To complete my day long trip, my host suggested a fun-filled entertainment evening with a Sega Show to experience the cultural side of Mauritius. However, the travel exhaustion did catch up with me and I couldn’t stay awake for it. This genre of music is ubiquitous in Mauritius and you can’t help but hum to it by the end of your stay there.

There might be other notable places to see, but my short stint only allowed for these. I would love to hear others recommendations, because I will definitely be going back sometime ,maybe again solo, in the near future. A day is too short to soak in the beauty of this magnificent country!

P.S. : Please forgive me for the lack of personal pictures, I was too awed of the beauty, that I did not feel the absolute need to go click-happy here!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome article… i visited Mauritius few years ago,… but i missed all this beautiful action all because of my work… i hope next year i will visit again and i will keep your article in my mind while planning the trip … thanks again … 🙂

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