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Often, on the blogosphere or social media, you come across images of picturesque locales that make you wish that you were magically transported there; I believe, that Cape Town is one such destination! The one place that probably surpasses in its charm is Santorini in Greece.

cape town

Thanks to the same said media, we did expect a scenic place. The whole Cape Town experience was, however, something that cannot be captured on film or articulated neatly in a blog post. You have to see it to believe it! The  three days that we spent there,literally flew so quickly, making us wish we were still back there on those shores feeling the ocean breeze on our faces.


Like any other tourist, we wanted to start off our very first day with a the Cable Car ride to the top of the Table Mountain. Alas, nature played spoil sport, and the car was closed for the whole day. So, off we went to the Castle of Good Hope, following heed to a suggestion from a kind lady that we met on our way back from KrugerThe castle is essentially a fort converted into a museum, and gives you a glimpse to the infant days of the Cape! On the whole, it’s a good area to spend your mornings with a spectacular view of the mountain.


Having satisfied our inner history nerd, we decided to casually stroll along the alleys nearby to look for coffee and Wi-Fi (obviously) to figure out what to do with the rest of our day! By chance, we stumbled across the Green Market Square. I remembered reading about this place somewhere as it holds a historical significance of being the center for several protests against the pro-apartheid regime. The square was a revelation in itself, being the mecca for some excellent art, crafts, other interesting curios and amazing coffee with live music.

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Green Market Square

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Cape of Good Hope!

After enjoying a late-morning caffeine fix, we decided that it was a lovely day to travel to the edge of town and see the Cape of Good Hope. We lucked out on our Uber driver. Maurius was not only patient, diligently stopping in the middle of the road so that we could indulge in selfies; but also very eager to show off the best routes around the Cape Town coastline.  This cancer survivor goes on annual biking trips to the Namib desert to appreciate this new life, despite being in his early sixties. Such an inspiring and cheerful man!

Our wonderful Uber driver

Our wonderful Uber driver!

On our way to the Cape, he even stopped at the Boulder’s beach so that we could spot some penguins. Though we could not see them from up close, we surely had an amazing time travelling around the colorful Simon’s Town.




Simon’s Town

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Finally, reaching our destination, we hiked up to the lighthouse at Cape Point. Once at the top, we could not help but shut our cameras off, and simply take in the views. The entire view at the top is mesmerizing, imagine a vast blue horizon with the lines between the sky and the ocean blurring in places and punctuated by big stunning mountains. Okay won’t lie, we did click a ton of pictures here. They obviously don’t do any justice to the place, but hope you get a feel of the place!


Returning to the city, Maurius suggested driving along the scenic Chapman’s peak drive.  Gosh, we are so thankful to him for that! Minus, a little motion sickness due to the winding roads, we were jumping with joy in our seats at the insane jaw dropping views!

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Chapman’s peak drive


Giddy at the amazing day that we just had, we decided to end the crisp winter day on a perfect high with early dinner and drinks at the V&A Waterfront. The place was bustling with street performers, live music bands and  vendors and restaurants with amazing food. Not a bad day at all to end our first day in the Cape! Not at all!

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