Why We Travel & Why You Should Too!

As published in ‘The Ultimate Book Of: Travel Experiences’.

When Jake Ryan contacted us saying he wanted us to write a story for his book, we jumped with joy! We loved the idea of every amazing travel story in one single book and we went for it!

This is the story we gave and we hope you buy the book here and enjoy it as well:)

south africa sunset. why we travel

Travel is a journey, not a destination” – This realization finally hit me after my third trip or so! Travel does not end the day you board your flight back home, travel continues at home, when you learn to enjoy your backyard and talk to the people and learn something new every day. Over the course of my journeys both abroad and nearby, I have come to celebrate the journey, the people and the culture.

Me, the tourist, came into being during my trip to Greece as I sat there mesmerized by the Oia sunset. Someone once said that Nature does not hurry, yet it accomplishes everything! That day I finally learnt to slow down, enjoy and take in the sights, be present at the moment and was inspired to travel far and wide to seek beauty in every form. We went to see the volcano sunrise at Mt. Batur and were awed by the invincible sun creeping out of the mighty mountains making us look like dust that could be just blown away. I scuba-dived at LLoret De Mar, Spain and at GIlli Islands, Indonesia and took in the surreal beauty under water as well. The world is big and we are small, I learnt.

Me, the traveler, came into being during my umpteenth trip to Bangkok as I was talking to a Thai boxer over dinner. As he was telling me about his day job of being a Somtien (shared taxi) driver and a boxer by night, I learnt to look past the color and chaos of the city, the fancy restaurants and the tourist shopping malls and look straight into the life of the people. I realized every person is the hero & the villain of their movie. The rest of the world revolves around them. I learnt to see the world through their eyes; I strived to understand what they think of us, the travelers & tourists sweeping their city.

Me, the rambler, came into being when I felt the urge , so strong, to tell people what I learnt, when I felt the need to help others experience the same things that made me weak in the knees. I had to show others that there is so much more in the world that what we can perceive through the papers and internet. I started writing when I thought I could, in my own weak words, do something which no other travel writer could. I wanted people to understand more and more about the local behavior and arts & crafts and take a part of them back with them instead of just shoving a camera at their face and walking away.

As my passport gets old and worn out, I feel myself grow with each stamp. I stop during conversations to think about a different perspective and I seek new things while browsing or reading a book. The more I learn about everything else in the world, the smaller and smaller I become and the world in which I am the hero becomes even smaller.

As I walk down the street, I sense the different lives people live and I like it that way.

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4 thoughts on “Why We Travel & Why You Should Too!

  1. Shreya Janhvi

    We always hear this, we adore journey more than destination. I always think about the road I’ve taken and what I’m learning while passing through that road. Travel is all about learning and more the greedy learner, more is the unfurling of the experiences. With each journey we take a part of the journey and destination, and keep it within ourselves. Destination is just a pause, journey is the beginning.

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