Their Point Of View- The Terraces, Kanatal

Every person is different, what they take away from the same scene is different and their expectations are different too!

We were a group of 12 travel bloggers who spent three magnificent days at The Terraces in Kanatal, Dehradun. At the end of the third day, during our conversations, I realized each one of us had a different experience stuck in our head and hence to give you just one lopsided story of mine wouldn’t be fair.

Ankita from ‘Trail Stained Fingers’



Wherever I travel, I look for those moments of silence and solitude when I can pause to sense the true flavor of the place and allow it to offer insights I’d never known I possessed. At Kanatal, I had one such moment at twilight in the resort’s garden, when the cool wind and the warm bonfire offered a beautiful contrast, just like the darkness of the foliage etched against the unfurling colors of a mellow dusk.

The second such instance was early in the morning when I went for a birding walk all alone and negotiated with thick curtains of mist to let me have a memorable avian glimpse or two. The third moment of travel epiphany occurred at Satyun River when I went for a walk on the cliff over the waterfall, with endless pastoral beauty stretched out before me. I had experienced such unblemished serenity at Saur Village as well; walking amidst the golden fields and cabbage patches, I felt like none of all the angst we’re exposed to day in and day out, matters.

All that matters is the warmth of the sun on our faces and the playful ruffle of a passing wind. That’s what I learnt at The Terraces, Kanatal, and that’s what I loved the most.

Shubhendu Parth from ‘Governance Now‘: 



It was not a heritage property, but what it offered was the incredible piece of traditional Indian warmth that reflected in everything around you – from the smiling faces that were ready to help at every step to the well-decorated, cozy cottage with the best of the amenities and quality toiletries, fully loaded mini bar and the spa to relax your nerves.

And last, but not the least, Mohan da Dhaba that not just offers variety of pakodas and the Maggi-variant noodle with tea in kullahr, but also the most exquisite view of the Nanda Devi as you lie lazy in the hammock amidst the perfectly manicured lawn with riot of colour and the chirp. At night, lie down on the charpoi near the dhaba or slide into one of the garden chairs at the Machan and enjoy one of the most star-lit sky. That is The Terraces!

Parnashree from ‘My Travel Diary’
Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.52.00 AM
Sitting under the star studded sky with a bunch of like minded people, when you enjoy the bonfire with mouthwatering food and on top of it if someone dedicates a song to you, life seems to be perfect. I would say that I found my Epic Moment in the middle of Kaudia Forest, Kanatal.

If I have to describe my experience in one word it would be “unforgettable”. For a person like me who is impressed by people more and bricks and mortar less this stay was one of the best stays I have had till now. Being located amid lush green forests and mighty Himalayas this resort is a perfect way to spend your holidays. An apt location to unwind and rejuvenate and getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Ritesh Bhateja
The Terraces. I don’t know if it’s just a resort. I had always been thinking that I have covered a lot of grey places across Himachal and Uttrakhand but when I visited The Terraces for the first time, I was all quite for 10 seconds and I was asking myself if that was what my soul had been looking for. The answer was definitely yes. The Terraces is a place where one finds his / her soul. It’s nothing less than how would heaven be. Those mesmerizing hills, those beautiful flowers, those wooden sculptures, those chirping birds, I mean how could someone miss visiting this place. This is a perfect gift to me. I love it, to the core of my heart. I always think that The Terraces is calling me and I must go.

Umang Trivedi from ‘Travelmax



As a traveler, I always like the icing on cake. In travel context, for me, ‘cake’ would resemble exploring new places and ‘Icing’ would represent a chance to savor scrumptious local food and discover amazing flavors, which any city restaurant wouldn’t offer! During my stay at Terraces, apart from the unique experiences, food was the highlight for me! Be it on terrace of a village house, near the campfire in deep forest or by the riverside, the local cuisine was certainly lip-smacking!
 Navneet Kumar
Machaan – open terrace traditional restaurant with charpais – Sitting by the bonfire with chilly winds at night and a view of a lifetime at dawn of the Himalayan ranges.
Ruksana Haque 
I liked the two hammocks in the garden below the Reception Area. One could lie on it and keep gazing at the beautiful landscapes and time would  stand still! At least you felt that way! This also made you see those lovely laughing thrushes brush against the leaves of the trees standing tall.
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