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Travelling long hours is grueling and with long layovers as an excuse, I have had many of my plans being cancelled. Also, a known fact is that we, travel bloggers, do not earn much and so we look for the cheapest flights that tend to fly around the world twice before you reach your destination! Just a couple of months ago, we shared our ‘In-Transit’ Travel Woes and after reading about Roomi’s airport shenanigans, I started thinking twice before going in for a longer duration flight!

I have been meaning to write about Emirates since last week when I was scouting the internet for a good connection to the U.S. I was getting weary simply going through all the travel websites and scanning every airline for a comfortable and a relatively non-expensive flight to Boston. If you know an Indian family, you know the kind of perils I faced along with it; huge family to see me off, fixed dates keeping in mind everyone’s convenience and the need for a major bag allowance to fit my winter wear to survive Boston’s cold weather and my mum’s home made pickles.

PC: Traveltips.usatoday.com

PC: Traveltips.usatoday.com

Emirates, true to what it stands for, provided a perfect connection for an excellent price. There’s more! Baggage allowance of 46 kg to North America and to top it off, free accommodation in Dubai because my layover is more than 6 hours!

Along with booking my tickets, I also decided my meals and my seats, right then. You can also check in your baggage from 24 hours to 90 minutes before departure! I was ecstatic.  I remember my first flight to the U.S, as a student, with the star-studded ceiling and plenty of movies to keep myself occupied.

I have had crazy times where I have spent full days at airports sleeping like this. If there is any flight or airport that makes it easier for us to travel comfortably, my vote goes to them!

To book Emirates, follow the link!

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3 thoughts on “Travel Made Easy by Emirates!

  1. Kat

    I flew Emirates in May this year to Iran via Dubai – I loved it so much! Since then, I have been singing praises for this airline and I can see why people love this airline. Just yesterday there was an announcement made by our national airlines, Malaysia Airlines – they entered a partnership with Emirates – yay! I certainly don’t mind flying to Europe code sharing with MAS but fly on Emirates plane 🙂

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