My Latest ASUS Accessory – Why You Need It Too!

‘Half of my hand luggage is always all my accessories! My GoPro, my Cannon camera, ipad, laptop, Kindle and ultimately my phone’, said one my friends. She was complaining about how she can never travel light. I felt great pride when I took out my Asus ZenPad and showed it to her – my latest obsession. 7 inch in size and more portable than an Ipad, it fits into any hand luggage easily without occupying too much space! ‘It can easily replace your Ipad, laptop and your Kindle’, I reassured my friend.

Asus ZenPad

The 8MP camera is good to shoot quick scenes and the selfie taken through this has got me paranoid! Video and photo editing now available at my finger tips. The cover for the ZenPad comes with an audio channel, called an Audio cover. Watching movies in solitude with great sound effects has never been better.

Asus ZenPad

Asus ZenPad with the amazing audio cover.

Asus ZenPad with the amazing audio cover.

A small disadvantage to this is the 8 hour battery life which can go up to 14 hours with the help of the power case. 8 hours seems slightly less for people like me who spend almost the whole day out exploring the cities. But to make up for it, the stylish ASUS collection cover gives me all the sophistication I need while travelling!



Photography tip: For slow photographers like me, here is one tip that I came across while playing with my gadget. There is a time rewind mode that automatically captures burst photographs two seconds before we click the shutter button and one second after to help people like me get my perfect image in motion!

As I warm up to this tablet, I realize I may even be able to replace my laptop with this. Emails and documents which earlier found safe solace in my computer is now slowly moving to my new device.  My tablet is a ZenPad 7.0 (Z370 series) which retails at INR 15,999. You can buy it from here. Do test it out and let us know if you share our views!

Asus ZenPad


This post was made possible by ASUS. As always, opinion is entirely ours. 

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  1. I don’t understand people who have an iPad AND a kindle. I just don’t. It’s one of those extremely few but deeply philosophical questions I don’t want an answer to.

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