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Top two favorite AirBnb in Switzerland

Over the years, I have really warmed up to the idea of staying in Airbnb rentals and have had some of my most memorable moments in some of them across the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total “hotel experience” devotee like the rest of my friends. After all, who does not love on-the-clock room service! But, after having traveled quite a bit over the years, I feel like I never miss home when I stay at one of these places. Add to that, the chance to enjoy an amazing local perspective to a new place than simply being another tourist!

Yes, there have been bad experiences! But, more often than not, I have lucked out on the rentals and met some interesting people.This time as we did AirBnB in Switzerland, we found 2 of my dream homes with lovely warm people on the other side of the globe.

 Studio Darligen, Darligen

This tiny studio probably will be one of the most cutely decorated Airbnb rentals that I have ever stayed at! One look inside, and you could see the thought process of Roger and Anke, the owners, that went into making the place feel like home. You never feel constrained by the tiny space at all! To top all that, the view outside the window beats any other place I have been to, hands down! The Alps, lakes & green pastures – anything your heart fancies – this place has it all. I believe Tanveer and I spent more time just lazing around inside than outside here!

darligen 1 AirBnb In Switzerland

Our hosts made sure that the kitchenette was well stocked with enough necessities to make oneself a good breakfast and dinner. They even won brownie points from me for indulging my sweet tooth by keeping tons of chocolates and a basket full of fruits for us. I must say, that maybe, I will never go back to the hotel experience after witnessing such amazing hospitality here!

darligen AirBnb In Switzerland

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The Matterhorn Golf Hotel, Randa

Though the name suggests a hotel, this cute bread and breakfast place run by the lovely Monticelli family, is a little hidden gem in the hills of Matterhorn. We stayed here during our visit to Zermatt, as we needed a place to park our car with the latter being a vehicle-free town.
matterhorn hotel AirBnb In Switzerland

Maurizio and her partner were phenomenal hosts.It was a delight to simply wake up early to enjoy the view of the countryside while enjoying the fresh breakfast served by them. They even have a small restaurant on the property which serves very good food from their native Italy! Dining and wining here over beautifully curated spaghetti and other Italian fares, we felt like we have been transported to a real-life Master Chef kitchen.

AirBnb In Switzerland Zermatt

Do you fancy a customized dinner plate?

So, Do you AirBnB? Or, do you still prefer a hotel room? What have been your experiences been so far? If, you also love airbnbs as much as I do, any future recommendations and tips for me?


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    • Well. it was a faux honeymoon. I am still holding Tanveer responsible for taking me on a proper honeymoon! But yea, especially the one in Darligen, that B&B will be in my list forever!

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