New York City – My Weekend Destination Every Weekend

“There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.”

– Simone Beauvoir

New York City thinks it can dazzle anyone with its bright lights and sleepless nights. People come with a very pretentious image in their head with vintage filters all prepared to drop their jaw in wonder. To be honest only a few feel that way and I was one amongst them. What surprises me is that I have never really been a city person. NYC is one place where I would love to be (for now weekend visits will do).

New York City Travel

A steady direction amidst all the chaos

I have been to NYC many times, taking in a little of this big city one weekend at a time. If it is a cruise on East River one weekend, then it is an all day foodie trip on another. I have walked all around on Central Park while watching many families enjoy their day off.

NYC central park New York City Travel

This is the place where I decided a ‘skyline during sunset’ should be a must do on all trips. I am already sure the sun setting behind the skyline is going to be the best in my collection.

brroklyn skyline New York City Travel

This is also the place where I was okay being amongst animals and birds (2nd exception being my South African safari); the Central Park zoo was an awesome surprise! As I walked into the ‘Tropic zone’ and saw a peacock spread its tail to welcome me, something knocked inside me to tell me that I should enjoy this.

I find a little bit of everything here; a little bit of all the four corners of the world and a little bit of all kinds of people seeking acceptance in this city. Clearly I cannot put it all in words.

New York City Travel

The city gives me a whole new perspective

New York City travel for me will always bring in me that feeling I had when we first walked down Central Park to reach Times Square. As Ryan Adams put it in words for me,

“When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel like I’m in a movie”

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