A Weekend In Goa

Most of my fun memories that keep cracking me up while lying on bed,trying to sleep, are my countless weekend in Goa, especially during the monsoon.
 I went to Goa recently to attend ‘The Great Indian Wedding’ as they say, a Monsoon wedding that lasted for the entire weekend. Parties were all themed and glamorous, the girls were beautiful and the men handsome. It was colorful and beautiful. Suby and I did all the dress up we could do to match the life of the party.

This is what weddings are about!

This is what weddings are about!

We are normally not happy with a one day marriage ceremony; we start celebrations a week before the wedding, luring everyone into the 3 day wedding celebration and in most cases, the celebration hangover does not wear off until after a couple of weeks! Such was this weekend for me with a stay at the awesome Hyatt hotel and friends and fun all around.

Here comes the bride!

Here comes the bride!

Hyatt is a luxury hotel with rooms suited for a big family. It reminded me of a weekend in Goa during the monsoons a couple of years back. A bunch of us had rented a beautiful villa in a small village. Watching the sun rise and set into the ocean over single day was our daily highlight

Walks on the beach with the salt spraying on your face; the roar of the waves and the smell of the wet earth is nearly intoxicating.  The bicycles rushing past and the women moving in groups to the church all add the extra color to your eyes.

Our life went by in slow motion when we rented a scooter and tripped across the town and when we rented a bicycle to ride along the green carpets and the motor roads hidden between the forests. Take in the freshest smell of the season and feel the nature work its best.


The sunny and crowded beach has turned into quiet , vast and empty beach spaces with treacherous waves and high tides. Sitting near the beach, sipping your drink and watching the rain is the thing I enjoy. The image above is exactly what I had enjoyed two years ago. What added to the pleasure were my neighbor’s stories that connected me to this place.

Sure, you can stay in a resort or a hotel to enjoy this but you do get a different pair of eyes when you have all the privacy you need within your space and home. Give hotels and AirBnB a rest the next time and rent villas in Goa instead. Your weekend in Goa will sure be worth it!

Do let us know about your experience and keep us posted!


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