Enjoy A Maine Sunset At Portland

Maine sunset has always been on my mind, ever since moving to the East Coast almost a year back. This Labor day, I finally managed to explore this quaint little state for a few days. Thanks to my workplace’s much exploited ‘work from home’ policy, this and all my other trips are now possible!

The state is supposedly pretty as I have heard and read many a times. As we drove through the cute New England towns, the tag line for Maine tourism – ‘Maine- the way life should be’ kept getting reinforced. Maine is also referred to as ‘The Lighthouse State’ with over 85 of them sprinkled along the 5000 mile coastline. Hence, it was only natural that we stopped at the famous Cape Elizabeth as our first stop.

Maine Sunset Lighthouse @ Portland, Maine Cape Elizabeth

Being an aspiring photographer, I chose this place for the pretty images that I had bookmarked on Instagram. Not only did the view charge me up but also the 3 boys I was with!

Maine Sunset Cape Elizabeth at Portland, Maine - Lighthouse

As we walked along the coast, we savored the highly rated lobster rolls from ‘Bite Into Maine’ food truck. What was supposed to be a couple of hours of stop became four hours before we finally walked back to our car.

Maine Sunset Bite Into Maine Food Truck at Cape Elizabeth, Portland,Maine Lighthouse Lobster RollsIf you ask me what else we did there, honestly, I remember nothing except for the views shown in the photographs. A mansion with a forbidden entrance, first built in 1853 for a Maine colonel John Goddard, gave the whole park a very vintage feel.

Maine Sunset Goddard Mansion at Cape Elizabeth at Portland Maine Fort WIlliam ParkAs we saw people taking in the view with their loved ones, I felt we were somewhere special. This place climbed up to my top three list. I never thought I would have one so close to home.

Maine Sunset Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse in Fort William Park, Portland MaineAs we looked into the vast ocean, we saw a lot of sail boats dotting the view. From where we looked, the sail boats represented the spirit of sailors who look beyond the horizon for the lighthouses to guide their path. Heavily inspired, off we went to Portland Schooner Co. to take us around in one of their double-masted schooners just in time for the Maine Sunset. The 1912 wooden storied sailboat looked majestic as it took 20 of us out into the ocean.

Maine Sunset Sail Boat at Porland Maine Schooner Double masted sail sunset sailThis sailing vessel provides a perfect spot to experience the golden hour during sunset. When the golden sunset rays hit us, the whole sail boat looked like a very realistic painting. As we sipped our cheap beers, and some their expensive champagne, we sat there facing the disappearing sun, happy. The couples whose hearts suddenly filled happily expressed themselves in the golden light.

Maine Sunset sail by Portland Schooner Co in Portland Maine

We passed the towns and the islands with houses that enjoy this Maine sunset every single day. We passed people sitting on their patio chair with the light on their face and thanking Gods for that very evening.  As we sailed back into the land, it reminded me of a much simpler time a very long time ago.

Maine Sunset Cape Elizabeth Portland MaineOur sail boat dropped us off 5 minutes away from the active Portland downtown. As we walked calmly down the streets filled with the hustle and bustle of musicians, we felt our tummy rumbling. The first couple of restaurants we walked in had a 2 hour wait which told me never to underestimate this small town. We finally settled down for a small brewery, with a not so great burger, to discuss the next day’s plan.


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