Jaipur- Nothing Short Of A Royal Heritage

As you would have guessed by now, I enjoy the safety of a meticulously planned vacation. But, every now and then, nothing excites me more than an impulsive spontaneous trip! On one such rare occasion, I finally set foot on the royal land of Jaipur, after several failed plans. One such plan was to land in Delhi and take a connecting flight to Jaipur but then with the worst luck, I missed my flight! But fortunately, the nation’s capital has a lot to offer and I found plenty of things to do in Delhi. After a fun-filled day, I set my eyes on my main destination- Jaipur!

India can be an overwhelming experience for someone who is new to the country. Jaipur is no different! Dilapidated buildings, crowded streets – filled with both men and animals, the curious aroma of the spices, food mingled with the stench – it can be a lot to stomach at first! Once you look past all the exterior drama, one cannot help but appreciate the glorious stories of the past. Thanks to Tanveer, who took up it upon himself to give me an insider’s guide to the city, I got an in-length briefing about the history of each fort, palace, brick and stone.

The first thing that hits you when you enter the city is its sheer flamboyance and luxurious architecture of the monuments, palaces and forts. This style is even reflected in the hotels that we stayed at. Some of the Jaipur hotels are nothing but pure fascinating beauty. From modern buildings built-in styles to replicate luxurious palaces to centuries-old forts remodeled as the ultimate luxury abodes – there is something for everyone with any budget! There are even a few Rajasthan tour packages that you can find that includes a few of these palatial beauties!

Having booked at the last moment, we were lucky to call the ITC Rajputa, our home for the weekend!

itc rajputana

What added the cherry to the icing on our stay here, was the mouth-watering dinner at the famous Bukhara restaurant of the hotel. I can still taste the impossibly soft Sikandari Raan (shredded mutton) with Dal Bukhara on my palate as I type this! No wonder, Tanveer and I swiftly returned the second evening as well to order the same and go into a food induced coma immediately after.

An amazing side effect of staying here was the view of crystal clear blue pool outside our room window, which acted as a cure-all for the tiredness and exhaustion of touring Jaipur in the scorching heat.

itc rajputana.PNG

Walking past these centuries-old palaces, I could not help but wonder at the ingenuity of the people of those times. Both the summer and winter palaces are marvelous! The science and history nerd in me peeked through in bursts as I stumbled upon one wonder after another. There is a man-made lake in the summer palace to escape the heat, and the winter palace has huge water pipes going underneath the floors to keep it warm. The long ramparts and the tall forts to fend off attackers left me awe-stuck. The place has genius written all over it in every nook and corner!

We ended the day-long visit with a sound and light show to showcase the glorious history of the Jaipur Kachwaha Dynasty at the City Palace. Though the show skews history a bit to show the victory of King of Jaipur over Maharana Pratap, actual historical documents tell a different story. So, I made a note to self to take everything I heard about here with a grain of salt!

If you are looking for the ultimate luxurious weekend in India, I will highly recommend a visit to Jaipur – A Royal Heritage! It has that special ‘Je sais de quoi’ regal feel to it! You will feel no less than a Maharana or Maharani here. To complete this amazing experience, I will suggest booking a night at one of the amazing heritage hotels.

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15 thoughts on “Jaipur- Nothing Short Of A Royal Heritage

  1. Traveling to historical places are always memory giving thing. And places with palaces are always attractive & direct relate us to our freedom fighters & kings of India. Your post is impressive & connect us to real India.

  2. Jaipur is a Pink city and your post is really define all about the Jaipur. Heritage tour is the one of most famous tour because these tours give us lots of knowledge about India’s history. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  3. ITC Rajputana is indeed one of the finest heritage hotel properties of Jaipur. However, there are many more other hotels such as Taj Rambagh Palace, fairmont Jaipur, Jai Mahal Palace, etc. Also you may find some old small Havelies like Sajjan Niwas, Umaid Bhavan, etc at lower prices. Such type of hotels allows you to feel the royalty of Jaipur culture.

  4. Known as Pink City. Jaipur is the best to travel in Rajasthan. Amazing place Jaipur, thanks for this lovely and interesting information. I love to explore Jaipur. Apart from Jaipur there are many more interesting places of Rajasthan are Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner. great to read about it again.

  5. Rajasthan is a land of Veer Rajput yoddhas who have sacrificed their lives to save their kingdom, so Jaipur is one of the best city of Rajasthan for its heritage look, Rajputana culture, and for its hospitality.

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