Strange Driving Rules Around The World

Driving while overseas makes any holiday considerably easier, but is also something you’ll want to be cautious of. Different locations mean different customs to abide by – with some places out there asking people to follow very strict (and bizarre) regulations. Here are five strange driving rules around the world  which you’ll have to stick to.

 Splashing – Japan

Driving rules around the world-splashing-in-japan-driving-rules


We think this should be a law everywhere. In Japan it’s actually a criminal offence to drive up alongside a group of innocent bystanders and douse them in muddy puddle water.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all shared a laugh over some chap spraying a group of unsuspecting youngsters at a bus stop – but, at the end of the day, it’s not really socially acceptable.The Japanese have it right with this one. Pedestrians are too often bearing the brunt of watery ambushes, so this law is apt. 

  1. No Speed Limits – Germany

 On the German Autobahn there is no registered speed limit. When you consider this system is the equivalent of a US highway or a motorway in the UK, that’s a little crazy.Stopping or breaking down is strictly forbidden (it’s your responsibility to ensure your car is up to scratch and has enough fuel), but speed has no mistress in this realm.

It’s expected drivers have enough gumption about them to be able to assess their speed at all times and know how quickly they should or shouldn’t be travelling. 

  1. Dirty Car – Belarus

Driving rules around the world dirty-car-driving-lanes-rules


 It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but amazingly – in Belarus you will be slapped with a hefty fine if you’re caught driving a dirty car. We’re not exactly sure how or why this rule came into being, but it seems as though someone high up in the Belarussian ranks is a real stickler for cleanliness.While the economy of this Eastern European nation means you should be able to afford the fine relatively easily, it isn’t worth incurring in the first place – so just keep your motor clean at all times. 

  1. Blind Driving – USA

 Only in America. Alabama is prone to the odd law or two, but this has to be up there as one of their absolute weirdest.For some reason, it’s been officially instated as a law that people aren’t allowed to drive while blindfolded in this southern American state.The harrowing factor here comes from the fact that at some point there must have been an individual who actually attempted this – otherwise the law wouldn’t be in place. Worrying.

  1. Headlights – Sweden

Driving rules around the world- headlights-sweden-driving-rules


Sweden is generally considered to be a pretty forward-thinking nation on a lot of fronts, so it’s perhaps a tad surprising they’ve decided to waste so much electricity by enforcing this odd regulation.It doesn’t matter what time of the day, week, month or year it is, headlights must be kept on in cars constantly.While this rule certainly has its benefits in the winter months, one can’t help but feel on a sunny August day it’s a tad superfluous.

When driving overseas make sure you keep some of these bizarre laws in mind. Nobody wants to receive a hefty fine for having a mucky car or splashing the pavement and hence needs to follow some of the driving rules around the world!



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