Weekends In Bangalore- Repeat Mode

Bangalore reminds me of the good old times of weekend trips from college. From roaming around Commercial Street to frequenting Koshy’s for brunch, Bangalore has offered us a lot of things to do. This city has a special place in everyone’s heart – whether it is for the much loved climate or the abundance of unique restaurants. Most of my ‘hush-hush’ experiences and many of never repeated ‘firsts’  happened in Bangalore.

I would rush out of class every Friday to catch the evening 6 PM train to Bangalore and ensure that I spend most of my weekend in the place that I adore so much. It was almost always a choice between ‘Firangi Pani’ or ‘Monkey Bar’ those days. Believe it or not, the list of good hotels in Bangalore back then was never beyond what you could count on one hand. Fortune Hotel would then become synonymous to our weekend pad.

Come Saturday morning, there is nothing a brunch at Koshy’s can’t cure. We walk towards Commerical Street where I have one too many memories of getting tattoos that I did not want my family to know about. It surprises me now that despite the tattoo parlor’s shady appearance, the man did a good job ensuring that no infections are passed on.  A pizza later, it is Saturday night and the Bangalore vibes make us check out the latest in microbreweries and pop up restaurants. The Skye Bar in UB City was my first ever open bar experience a decade ago and since then heading back to this place has always made me feel nostalgic.

Sunday mornings are bitter sweet as we head to St. Mary’s Basilica for one of their beautiful masses. The greenery and the parks (especially the Cubbon Park) are always a special treat for us.  A biryani (or sometimes two) later, we pack up our bags and head back to college. This whole routine week after week.

Since my college days, I have been to Bangalore only once or twice but never did I see the city the same way I did 10 years ago. The hotels have changed, the restaurants too and so has my tattoo guy and his dilapidated workshop. Commercial street has become too crowded and the pubs too loud. I am sure the city has not changed, maybe it is just me.

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