Bangalore – A weekend getaway

My move to Bangalore was quite a big deal. Having lived abroad for so many years there were so many thoughts in my head-“Will I find a good place to live?”,”Building a new social circle” and of course the most common one “What ‘s there to do in Bangalore?”. To answer these questions and to calm my mind, I decided to spend a weekend in Bangalore, mostly to get a feel of the city.

My friends recommended the Treebo Hotels for stay due to the very convenient address. I stayed at Treebo Select Stylotel by Jagadish, located in close proximity to MG road. You find yourself at stones throw distance from all the happening places in Bangalore and I must say it was very accessible as well!

Starting my day at the Cubbon Park was energizing. With groves of various trees, flowerbeds, bamboos, heritage centers and monumental statues there is quite a bit to watch out for as you make your way through this wonderful park. Early mornings irrespective of the season can be quite pleasant with the natural tree cover present in the park

Following the run and considering the calories I had shed during this morning workout, I decided to head to the most talked about breakfast joint among my friends, Vidyarthi Bhavan. It was quite the ride from Cubbon Park but little did I know that going late meant an hour long wait just to get a table. The ghee loaded Masala dosas and finger licking good Kesari baths totally compensated for the wait leaving me in a literal food coma.

With my breakfast/brunch done I decided to get down to some sight seeing. Being an engineering student, science museums have always attracted me. The Visvesvaraya museum in Bangalore is definitely worth the visit for a throwback to those good old science classes we had during school.

History lovers would also find the Tipu Sultan’s summer palace quite interesting. With structures built entirely using teak and beautifully adorned arches and balconies it was believed to be completed in the 18th century.

The food scene in Bangalore is very wholesome. You name it all and this place has got it all. Encompassing everything from roadside joints to fine dining, there’s an option for all types of food lovers. I hit this wonderful grill and smokehouse restaurant called Aioli and the food was exquisite! A lovely salad, smoked pizza and a desert later I was back at the same food coma my morning breakfast had left me.

The next day I hit the road early and went on a drive to Nandi hills. Located at about 60 kms from Bangalore in the district of Chikkaballapur it is quite a spot to catch that early morning sunrise. It is best to do Nandi hills early as it can get easily crowded during weekends. There are quite a few highway hotels for some breakfast/coffee which you could stop at on your way back to Bangalore.

The rest of the day went by shopping in MG road followed by a lovely Karnataka styled lunch at MTR Lalbagh.

With my weekend at Bangalore coming to an end, it got me thinking about how much Bangalore has to offer for all those coming to visit. The weekend had been so packed that 2 days went by in the blink of an eye and firmed up my decision to move here. A year later, I am still happy I took that decision.

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