Money to travel

Do You Ever Have Enough Money To Travel?

“I wish I had the money to travel!” 

How often have you heard yourself or someone you know say this very thing?

We, for sure, undeniably remember us saying this a lot of times while obsessively pinning exotic locale pictures to our pinterest accounts. Our inner monologue sounded somewhat like this –

“Who will pay the bills, the mortgage? You will never save enough! How will you pay for that cute little dress at Zara or even the morning cup of Starbucks?”

But, let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we? Travelling around the world is not just for millionaires. Anyone and everybody can travel! It took us years to finally reach this level of maturity, to figure out our priorities, somewhat! Only if we had someone tell us this years ago, we could have crossed more countries off our bucket list. *takes deep breath and mutters* “One step at a time, or rather one sunset at a time, Chasing Sunsets!”

Someone wise once said “Collect Memories, not things”. Our naive self used to look forward to that cup of Starbucks as the first thing in the morning! During those times,  who knew that there can be something better than that. How about trying to get the barista at a local café in Spain to make the coffee you like without knowing a bit of Spanish.

Se Habla Inglés anyone?

The secret is to figure out what you can absolutely live without and what you can’t! The only thing that’s between you and your dream vacation is a small compromise! If you really want it, you know that it’s totally worth it!

Once that is off your chest, the next step is to collect the funds! Start off a travel fund, where you put in a little bit of money with every paycheck.

If you’re completely clueless about finances just like us, we definitely recommend getting advice from someone with a little bit of expertise. Our experiences have taught us to consolidate our credit card debt before embarking on a trip. You will save yourself the horror of figuring out how to pay the balance due while you’re miles away from home without the internet or a phone! Banks like these  provide great balance transfer options and personal loans to help you with finances. So, make use of them judiciously!

Another great way to start on new travel plans is to get credit cards which give you airline miles if you charge a certain amount to the card in the first few months.You can buy your flight tickets, pay for the hotel and rental through it. In return, you get airline miles which you can use for a future trip. You can even use it to pay rent, so win –win right? See, there is always enough money to travel.

Once, you attain nirvana from such instant gratification, you can give yourself in to the siren calling you to the stony shores aka Travel! Greener pastures await people, so see you on the other side!

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