Avalabetta – A Perfect Saturday Roadtrip!

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.” – Robert Frost


Every once in a while when the city life gets to me, I crave for that perfect escape- escape from traffic and the crowds for the much needed connect with nature and when such plans come up spontaneously it feels even better. Such was ours when we decided to hit the road early the next day to catch the sunrise at Avalabetta.

Located 60 Km from the famous “Nandi hills”, Avalabetta is said to be less crowded with a view much more spectacular than the former. Either reason was good enough as we took off for a trip to Avalabetta at 3.15 AM from HSR layout. The drive took us a good 2.5 hours including the tea stops.

We were at the top by 6 AM and the view was magnificent. With a cool breeze and the sun rising up, it certainly did feel quite energizing. We were excited to be there and the view did make waking up at 3 AM worth it.

View from the hilltop!

The group

Now comes the best part. Once we were done with the view on the top, we climbed down and went to another side of the hill. There is a small water body and after that, we found ‘THE” point which looked like a cliff. It can give anyone with a fear of heights a run for their money. I certainly was afraid but I decided to go there nevertheless to get the much needed “I SAT THERE” picture.

The fear on my face was quite evident!

Standing on the other hand is a tad bit easier. It is really tough to get up after sitting down as the rock was quite narrow.

As a heads up, we did hear from a few folks that the famous cliff-hanger spot is banned and entry is restricted by cops who can drive you away if they see you. The reason for the ban was said to be suicides and accidental deaths.

We faced no such issues and there wasn’t a cop in sight. Also given the view we had just seen, it was quite obvious that it wasn’t long before Avalabetta would become a full blown tourist destination. We reached quite early so we managed to get a good amount of time at the scenic spot but had we arrived a little later, we would have had to wait long to get these pictures above!

Early morning road trips are fun but certain safety measures definitely need to be taken. Control the temptation to drive fast on an empty highway, instead follow the speed limit (80kmph). The road upto KIAL is absolutely fantastic and tempting to open the throttle. Also, people in 4 and 6 wheelers seldom follow the speed limit, specially in the night and typically zoom past you at 110-120 kmph. Drive strictly on the left shoulder of the road all the time when riding a two wheeler. While going uphill, since it is still dark, maintain very low speeds and be watchful of hairpin bends as vehicles come down fast. Make sure your tires are filled and use good ones like Ceat. Also, traffic police have started strict checking of drunk drivers and speeding vehicles. So follow rules and carry vehicle documents to avoid any trouble.

The trip to Avalabetta was made complete with a perfect breakfast stop on the way back to Bangalore. It was indeed the quick refreshing weekend break everyone was looking for!

‘I’m chronicling my road trip adventure for CEAT Tyres in association with BlogAdda.’

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