My Favorite Places Around Iceland

Iceland definitely blew me away with its unmatched raw beauty, here are some of my favorite places and moments from this magical place. A detailed itinerary for our trip can be found here.


I knew what Geysers were from my textbook but seeing one rise high up in the sky is something else. I stand there waiting with my fingers on the camera to click it right on time but get distracted by the small streams of hot boiling water on the ground. The whole place smells like sulfur and by the time the water falls back to the ground, I see a beautiful rainbow forming up. 

Hidden Waterfall:

I see plenty of tourists controlling drones all around the place and boys slipping on the ice as they try to climb a bridge. We failed our first attempt at the bridge as well. A few blogs had mentioned a ‘hidden’ waterfall just a few minutes to the left of Seljalandsfoss. We decide to drive there instead of walking to avoid another minute of the pricking cold on our faces. As we reach there, we see a small fall behind a rock and decide to walk down the river. I am extremely giggly and happy as the sound of the thundering falls becomes louder. This is what I see at the bottom. No words.


Plane Crash site:  

I was hell-bent on visiting this site even when I came to know this included a 3 hour walk to and fro from our car. Walking along the black sand road for hours does make you sweat, even in Iceland! As we come closer, the fallen airplane looks big in front of the dying sun. But the many tourists here did not let me get a photo without them, which made me mad.


Northern lights:

Many of us have some fantastic shots of Northern Lights as our screen saver or desktop image. I had one too. All our 7 nights there, we scoured through many websites, downloaded one too many apps and spoke to a lot of people to make sure we see it. 3 of the 7 nights, we did and it was magical. I must say the photos came out better than what we saw with our eyes but that did not take away the scintillating grandeur it paraded every night.


Jokursarlon Ice Lagoon:

Maybe I am saving the best for last. It is a mini version of one of those Antarctica expedition pictures you see vast areas of cracked broken icebergs. Some of them have melted and the huge pieces on the shore are nothing but clear blue ice. Factually, these are pieces of a glacier that ends abruptly straight into the ocean. This is nature at it’s best.


Glacier Hikes: 

As we climbed up one of the biggest glaciers, I notice myself getting caught up in the geographical nuggets being thrown around by our guide. He says these glaciers would have melted and all gone in another 20-30 years or so. I wonder if we hiking these glaciers will leave our negative footprints.


The Ice Caves were a part of the glacier hikes and to get in and see these naturally formed caves was simply too good.


I could maybe list out another couple of things that took my breath away but these are definitely my top six. Read our detailed itinerary here with information on how and when to get to each of these places!

If you folks have already been here, let me know what you think and do share some of those amazing pictures!

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