This is a travel & lifestyle blog started by four friends from literally around the world. We started off like any friends in a movie, promising to meet each other every year in a foreign land. Since 2013, we have kept that promise and somewhere along the way, we started writing about our discoveries, our friendship and our common passion to explore.


Three years & counting – we have been featured as India’s top travel bloggers and in this journey, we hope to inspire our readers to jump in and take the first leap of faith to enjoy new things with new people.

Read more about us here:

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!– Q&A of who we are and why we do what we do.

Keep your job and travel the world– Be like us! You don’t have to quit to travel the world!

Travel Interviews:

  1. BongYatra
  2. Travel Blogger Interviews

We have been featured on several lists/publications:

  1. Holidify’s list of top travel bloggers in India
  2. Outlook Traveller– A Greek Summer
  3. Ultimate book of Travel Experiences – Why we Travel
  4. Emily Luxton’s ‘Paris- off the beaten path’
  5. Wompreneur’s featured contributor
We have also collaborated with

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Brand Ambassadors:
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Work with us: 

We are already working under the bigger campaign of inspiring all readers to travel. As professional bloggers, here are a few ways how we can collaborate with you to get your work done for you.

1.Travel Product/Service reviews: We go ahead and tell our readers what we think about travel related products and services in the market. If you want us to specifically call out yours, do contact us! We will definitely leave a very honest review.

2. Freelance writer:  We write. That is what we do. Our articles & stories have been published in magazines and print medias. If you want us to write for you, that is what we will do. We have also done certain copyrighting and editing works for a few other travel blogs.

3. Travel Influencer for online campaigns: With a good social media presence, we have worked with tourism boards and relevant travel brands to increase the online presence of  their campaigns and contests. We have even provided real- time social media updates for conferences & events.

4. Brand Ambassadors: We swear on a couple of things when we travel. Pitch us yours and you will get a loyal fan base in us and our readers. This can be a short term or a long term contract for advertising. We are currently ambassadors for Folk Tales.

5. Press Trips: A part of ‘experience it and review it’. This has something in it for you and for me. We have worked with tourism boards and hotels/resorts and have given our reviews on what we experienced to our readers. Invite us to experience it.

We are here when you want us!


Twitter: @chasingsunsets1

Instagram: @chasingsunsetstheblog

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  1. Beautiful! Love the way you friendship kept and recorded in this blog. I will certainly follow your blog and wishing the best for the four of you of many more happy travels!

  2. 2travellingsisters

    Its very inspiring to see how 4 girls from different corners of the world run this blog! Yet to read your travel stories but already impressed by the intro! 🙂

  3. Hello, being a Girl Traveller in India is a bit difficult but with my parents’ support I have travelled a fair bit around India but it is not enough for the Wanderlust in me hungers for more and more. Even before I complete one of my trip ends, I start longing for the next one. I have got so much inspiration from you that I wish to travel all states of India at least once in the next 2 years. I hope everything falls in place. I’ll look up to you whenever I need inspiration. GO Girls. GO Explore.

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